pkgr/APIMorph A Polymorphic API for rapid front-end prototyping and API mocking |
pkgr/caddy Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS
pkgr/canary-agent AppCanary Agent
pkgr/Celox Secure, Self-Destructing, Single Serve Message
pkgr/chef-runner The fastest way to run Chef cookbooks
pkgr/dillinger The last Markdown editor, ever.
pkgr/discourse A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.
pkgr/docker-gc Docker garbage collection of containers and images
pkgr/emp Command line interface for Empire
pkgr/errbit The open source error catcher that's Airbrake API compliant
pkgr/example-go-app Example Go app
pkgr/example-sinatra-app Example Sinatra application packages with
pkgr/Ghost Just a blogging platform
pkgr/gitlabhq Project management and code hosting application. Follow us on twitter @gitlabhq
pkgr/gogs Gogs(Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git Service written in Go.
pkgr/node-js-getting-started Getting Started with Node on Heroku
pkgr/openproject OpenProject is a web based project management system built on Ruby on Rails
pkgr/pencilblue Full stack online publishing and CMS for Node.js
pkgr/popcorn-app Allow easily streaming from torrents, without any particular knowledge.
pkgr/python-getting-started Getting Started with Python on Heroku
pkgr/rails-mysql-app Example Rails app with MySQL integration
pkgr/rails4-example-app Example Rails4 app packaged using
pkgr/redmine Mirror of the official redmine repository, ready for Debian packaging or Heroku deployment.
pkgr/rubies Ruby binaries available in DEB or RPM packages for most of the linux distributions
pkgr/scaleway-cli :computer: Manage BareMetal Servers from Command Line (as easily as with Docker)
pkgr/statsd Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation
pkgr/traefik Træfɪk, a modern reverse proxy