SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 64bits

Installation instructions

sudo wget -O /etc/zypp/repos.d/openproject.repo \
sudo zypper install openproject


We release OpenProject in separate release channels that you can try out. For production environments, always use the stable/MAJOR (e.g., stable/10) package source that will receive stable and release updates. Every major upgrade will result in a source switch (from stable/9 to stable/10 for example).

A closer look at the available branches:

  • stable/10: Latest stable releases, starting with 10.0.0 until the last minor and patch releases of 10.X.Y are released, this will receive updates.
  • release/10.0: Regular (usually daily) release builds for the current next patch release (or for the first release in this version, such as 10.0.0). This will contain early bugfixes before they are being release into stable. Do not use in production. But, for upgrading to the next major version, this can be regarded as a release candidate channel that you can use to test your upgrade on a copy of your production environment.
  • dev: Daily builds of the current development build of OpenProject. While we try to keep this operable, this may result in broken code and/or migrations from time to time. Use when you’re interested what the next release of OpenProject will look like. Do not use in production!

Please check the Installation guide on our website for further instructions. Also, please see for older packaged versions 8.3.2 and below.

More details can be found at .